Dedication to Quality



Dedication to the science of agronomy and especially to the field of agricultural mycology, the non-negotiable quality of the products and our overall activities, our enthusiasm, zest and love for this job are just some of the values that distinguish us. Dirfis mushrooms is an ISO 22000:2005, GlobalGap and BIO certified company, having met all international specified requirements for a food safety management system and demonstrated its ability to control food safety hazards in order to ensure that food is safe at the time of human consumption.
Our Mushrooms (cultivated or wild) are harvested at the peak of freshness combined with strict quality controls, experienced staff, and on time deliveries assures the best quality mushroom products available.



MUSHROOMS DIRFIS PC, believes that the success of the Company depends on the provision of safe products that meet the expectations of customers and consumers.

The main care of MUSHROOMS DIRFIS is to maintain consumer confidence through the development and implementation of quality assurance management systems, standards and practices.

MUSHROOMS DIRFIS  has proceeded to the development and maintenance of the international system ISO 22000: 2005, ISO9001, GLOBAL G.A.P. , the HACCP and USFDA authorities, as well as BIO certification in many of its products, recognizing, evaluating and controlling the microbiological, chemical and physical hazards that can affect food.

Our trained staff with continuous inspections achieves effective implementation, management, supervision and prevention of hazards that may arise during the production, packaging and storage of products, thus ensuring their safety and high quality.

The principles of MUSHROOMS DIRFIS regarding the commitment to quality and food safety are:

  • • Suitability of building installations with adequate lighting and ventilation, storage areas as well as control during transport, collection and storage of products.
  • • Modern equipment that is constantly maintained.
  • • Continuous training of staff on issues related to food safety.
  • • Fulfillment of all legal requirements, food safety standards.
  • • Implementation and implementation of an effective food safety system according to the ISO 22000: 2005 standards in every activity of the Company.
  • • Establishment of annual quality objectives, for all the activities of MANITARIA DIRFYS IKE, in order to ensure continuous improvement and to be able to compare the corporate performance.
  • • Ensuring that the Company's suppliers feel the same commitment to quality and monitor the materials they provide to MUSHROOMS DIRFIS PC.

MUSHROOMS DIRFIS PC announces the issues of strategy and food safety to her partners, consumers, customers and all interested Members.

Food safety of products is the responsibility of all employees of MANITARIA DIRFIS pc