Our History

2003-June. Thanassis Mastrogiannis & Lefteris Mastrogiannis both mycologists from Agriculrtural University of Athens begin the construction of the first substrate plant for exotic mushrooms in Greece.

2004-March. First production of oyster mushroom substrate blocks. Capacity 10K blocks of 18Kg/ week.

2006-June. First shiitake cultivation of Greece. Capacity 1tn fresh shiitake/week.

2006-September. New oyster cultivation farm of 3300m2 in growing tunnels.

2009-July. Expanding of oyster mushroom cultivation. 3240m2 new growing tunnels.

2010-November. Gourmet Awards for our Fresh shiitake.

2013-May. Gastronomos Awards for Greek innovative business of the year.

2015-September. First export of oyster mushroom substrate.

2016-January. New modern packing plant of 725m2.

2016-May. New retail mushroom shop 70m2.

2016-March. Presentation of new innovative product. Porcini mushrooms naturally enriched with vitamin D.

2018-March. In collaboration with 3 research Bodies ( Agricultural University of Athens, Harokopeion University and National Research Foundation) and DIRFIS MUSHROOMS Co. (Manitaria Dirfis) are signed collaborating agreement for the implementation of the largest research program in concerns the development of a polyvalent functional mushroom food.

2018-June. Organizing of straw collection with own machinery. Capacity 3KTN/year, 500Kg straw bale.

2019-June. Construction of 2 new spawn run rooms of total capacity 8000 blocks.