Fresh wild mushrooms


Concerning wild mushrooms Dirfis has a well-organized network of trained pickers who collect mushrooms in natural fir, oak and beech forests. Dirfis carries our regular controls on random samples (wild and cultivated) following EU legislations concerning heavy metals contamination risks (EC1881/2006, EU2018/73) and maximum residue levels of pesticides (EC 299/2008), while fresh mushrooms are handled according to the law Ν 2090/31/07/2014.

Like all wild mushrooms around the world, Greek wild mushrooms appear and grow after rain. However, Greek mushrooms are collected under a Greek sun in low humidity micro climate, a sun unlike any other: for it is this sun that enables us to collect our mushrooms dry and not muddy
And wet like elsewhere, where the rains starts and forgets to stop….
Dirfis mushrooms thrive under fir, oak and beech trees and their neighbors are wild roses and strawberries, thyme, oregano and plethora of wild herbs.
And all this far, far away from industrial pollution. Greek rain is not acid and the streams our mushrooms call home flow pure, crystal clear, drinkable water and they just love it. The only problem is that we don’t cover mass markets but only small quality markets. Markets that can evaluate the quality.