Drying Process



When harvested mushrooms are exposed to sunlight during the summer months they start producing vitamin D naturally in large quantities. The explanation for this is that the UV light converts mushroom’s ergosterol – a naturally occurring substance in mushrooms – into ergocalciferol (vitamin D2). Solar drying delivers safe and high quality dried mushrooms with great taste and intensified flavour that can be used all year long. Therefore, dried mushrooms have the potential to become a great natural source of vitamin D in winter months.



Dirfis Mushrooms is the first company in Europe bringing to market dried mushrooms high in vitamin D. Our solar-dried “My delicious OYSTER MIX” consists of golden and grey oyster mushrooms organically cultivated in our farm on the island of Euboea (Greece) away from any industrial activity in an environment dominated by organic olive groves.

The dried mix contains more than 2100μg of Vitamin D2 per 100g, which means that one or two mushroom slices can fulfil the recommended daily intake of vitamin D. Solar-dried mushrooms represent the only source of vitamin D for vegans!